What is the Harmful Algal Information System?

The Harmful Algal Information System, HAIS, will when fully established consist of access to information on harmful algal events, harmful algae monitoring and management systems worldwide, current use of taxonomic names of harmful algae, and information on biogeography of harmful algal species. Supplementary components are an expert directory and a bibliography.


The HAIS System is being built in cooperation with WoRMS, ICES, PICES and ISSHA

HAIS components:

The HAEDAT is a meta database containing records of harmful algal events. HAEDAT contains records from the ICES area (North Atlantic) since 1985, and from the PICES area (North Pacific) since 2000. IOC Regional networks in South America and North Africa are preparing to contribute.

Guidance on submission of data, disclaimer and questions re HAEDAT can be found here.


The HAEDAT associated Decadal Maps for the North Atlantic

The IOC Taxonomic Reference List of Toxic Plankton Algae provides a reference for the use of names and information on each species of toxic microalgae. You can follow its merge into the World Register of Marine Organisms (WoRMS) here.

The "Design and Implementation of Some Harmful Algal Monitoring Systems" data component is presently not available on-line as it is being transferred to the same platform as HAEDAT. This meta-data-base contains information on the design and implementation of harmful algae monitoring and management systems from all over the world.


The biogeography of harmful algal species, HABMAP (with ISSHA), is in preparation.


The International Directory of Experts In Harmful Algae and Their Effects on Fisheries and Public Health is a specialised section of the IOC OceanExpert directory.

The IOC Bibliographic HAB Data-base is a specialised section of the Aquatic Science and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA)