General Information

Event name: FI-92-002
Country: FINLAND
Nature of the harmful event:
Mass mortalities
Event directly affected:
Toxicity detected: No
Associated syndrome: OTHER
Unexplained toxicity: No
Species implicated in toxin transmission (transvector):
Report the outcome of a monitoring programme: Yes
Event occurred before in this location: Yes (Extensive vernal blooms are typical for the area. Similar species composition is also common.)
Individuals to contact: KAUPPI, Lea

Location & Date

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Location: Latitude: , Longitude:
General location information: Eastern Gulf of Finland.,
HAB Area code(s): FI-05
Additional location information:
Bloom event dates (yyyy/mm/dd):
Quarantine levels dates (yyyy/mm/dd):
Additional date-related information: April - May.


Causative organism known: No
Causative Species/Genus:
Co-Ocurring Species/Genus:
Chlorophyll concentration, if known: Chl concentrations > 50 mg m(-3) are recorded µg/l
Additional bloom information: The species composition in samples were typical for the vernal bloom period in the area and no specific blooms of toxic species were found. The toxicity of the algae was not possible to test. The symptoms of the birds and the progress of the incident were
Event-related bibliography: Kauppi, L. (ed.) 1993. Itäisen Suomenlahden lintukuolemat keväällä 1992. Vesi- ja ympäristöhallinnon julkaisuja. Sarja A 142. 43 p. (in Finnish, with a summary in English).

Environmental Conditions

Weather: Turbidity (NTU): Wind direction:
Stratified water: No Oxygen content (nL/L): Wind velocity:
Temperature (°C): Oxygen saturation %: Current Direction:
Sechhi disk (m): Salinity: Current Velocity: 0
Nutrient information:
Temperature Range During Event: Max: °C, Min: °C
Salinity Range During Event:
Bloom location in the water column:
In situ
Growth Comments In situ population in the sea area.
Additional Environmental information: The eastern Gulf of Finland is highly eutrofied area were the vernal bloom is extensive.

Toxin Assay Information

Species containing the toxin Toxin type Toxin details Max. concentration Assay type
Kit used: Type of kit used:
Additional information:
Economic losses:
Management decision: Media informed.
Additional harmful effect information:
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