General Information

Event name: PL-01-001
Country: POLAND
Nature of the harmful event:
Water Discoloration , High Phyto concentration , Foam/Mucilage in the coast
Event directly affected:
Toxicity detected: Yes (Approximate range: 90 - 18135 g/l (3000 - 3520 g/g d.w.) Nodularin.)
Associated syndrome: OTHER , Cyanobacterial toxins effects
Unexplained toxicity: No
Species implicated in toxin transmission (transvector):
Report the outcome of a monitoring programme: No
Event occurred before in this location: Yes
Individuals to contact: MAZUR, Hanna

Location & Date

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Location: Latitude: , Longitude:
General location information: , Gulf of Gdansk
HAB Area code(s): PL-01
Additional location information:
Bloom event dates (yyyy/mm/dd):
Quarantine levels dates (yyyy/mm/dd):
Additional date-related information: 5 - 17 July


Causative organism known: Yes
Causative Species/Genus: Nodularia spumigena ( cells/L)
Co-Ocurring Species/Genus: Aphanizomenon flos-aquae ( cells/L)
Not toxic
Chlorophyll concentration, if known: µg/l
Additional bloom information:
Event-related bibliography: Mazur & Plinski, Nodularia spumigena blooms and hepatotoxin production in the Gulf of Gdansk, Oceanologia, 2003.

Environmental Conditions

Weather: Turbidity (NTU): Wind direction:
Stratified water: No Oxygen content (nL/L): Wind velocity:
Temperature (°C): Oxygen saturation %: Current Direction:
Sechhi disk (m): Salinity: Current Velocity: 0
Nutrient information:
Temperature Range During Event: Max: 24 °C, Min: 19 °C
Salinity Range During Event: Max: 6, Min: 6
Bloom location in the water column:
In situ
Growth Comments
Additional Environmental information: Chlorophyll concentration: 100 - 17625 ug/l Short period of exeptionally warm and sunny weather ended after torrential rains

Toxin Assay Information

Species containing the toxin Toxin type Toxin details Max. concentration Assay type
Nodularia spumigena Nodularins Nodularin 18,135 g/l 3,520 g LC
Kit used: Type of kit used:
Additional information: Standard HPLC method was used. HPLC-PDA.
Economic losses: not recorded
Management decision: all beaches along the coast of the Gulf of Gdansk were closed
Additional harmful effect information: Exceptionally high bloom of Nodularia spumigena. The bloom ended after torrential rain that fell on July 9.
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Checked at 10:24 on 29 Apr 2014