General Information

Event name: ES-10-002
Country: SPAIN
Nature of the harmful event:
High Phyto concentration
Event directly affected:
Toxicity detected: Yes (Approximate range: Palytoxin analogues (under study))
Associated syndrome: OTHER , Aerosolized toxins effects
Unexplained toxicity: Yes (Palytoxin was detected in plankton and benthic samples, but was not detected in the aerosol)
Species implicated in toxin transmission (transvector):
Report the outcome of a monitoring programme: Yes (EBITOX Project and Catalan Monitoring Programme)
Event occurred before in this location: Yes (Since, at least year 2003)
Individuals to contact: VILA, Magda , SAMPEDRO, Nagore , RIOBO, Pilar

Location & Date

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Location: Latitude: 41.551944, Longitude: 2.491111
General location information: Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Catalonia
HAB Area code(s): ES-22
Additional location information: Is a exposed fossil beach colonized by macroalgae in the middle of a sandy area.
Bloom event dates (yyyy/mm/dd): Event Date:2010-08-31
Start: 2010-08-12, End: 2010-09-15
Quarantine levels dates (yyyy/mm/dd):
Additional date-related information:


Causative organism known: Yes
Causative Species/Genus: Ostreopsis ovata (9920621 cells/L)
Is a mix of O. cf ovata and O. cf siamensis
Co-Ocurring Species/Genus: Prorocentrum lima (1280 cells/L)
Chlorophyll concentration, if known: µg/l
Additional bloom information: Other species: Coolia monotis, Prorocentrum rhathymum, Amphydinium sp., filamentous cianobacteria, and benthic diatoms
Event-related bibliography: Vila M, Masó M, Sampedro N, Illoul H, Arin L, Garcés E, Giacobbe MG, Alvarez J and J. Camp (2008). The genus Ostreopsis in recreational waters of the Catalan Coast and Balearic Islands (NW Mediterranean Sea): is this the origin of human respiratory difficulties? Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Harmful Algae. International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae and Intergovernmental Oceanographic Comission of UNESCO, Copenhagen, pp. 334-336.

Environmental Conditions

Weather: Turbidity (NTU): Wind direction:
Stratified water: Oxygen content (nL/L): Wind velocity:
Temperature (°C): 25 Oxygen saturation %: Current Direction:
Sechhi disk (m): Salinity: 37.4 Current Velocity:
Nutrient information:
Temperature Range During Event: Max: °C, Min: °C
Salinity Range During Event:
Bloom location in the water column:
Growth Comments
Additional Environmental information:

Toxin Assay Information

Species containing the toxin Toxin type Toxin details Max. concentration Assay type
Ostreopsis Ostreocin (Palytoxin) LC-MS
Kit used: Type of kit used:
Additional information: Toxins detected in wild sea urchins and mussels incubated in an aquarium with the water flushing directely from the beach (bloom area)
Economic losses:
Management decision: The Water Catalan Agency warned Sanitary and local authorities
Additional harmful effect information: Rhinitis, headache, and in some cases fever in people close to the beach